A Name You Can Trust

Did You Know

  1. Hawaii has no snakes.

  2. Hawaii is the only state in which every resident belongs to a minority race.

  3. The state has 750 miles of coastline.

  4. Hawaii is the most isolated, populated place on earth. We are 2400 miles from the nearest land mass.

  5. Every county in Hawaii is separated by water.

  6. It snows in Hawaii in the winter.

  7. Hawaii has a single state-wide school system.

  8. Hawaii is the only state that keeps on getting bigger.

  9. That this island has special places of refuge and healing? (Coconut island and City of Refuge)

  10. This island has the most southern point in America.

  11. King Kamehameha I was born on this island.

  12. King Kamehameha I moved the Naha stone. It weighs 3.5 tons and can be seen at Hilo’s public library.

  13. Hilo was the terminus for the Hawaii consolidated railroad.

  14. Hilo has the only rainforest zoo environment in America.